Organic Makeup Options

makeupThese days, more and more people are switching over to products that are made from natural ingredients. The irony of this modern day phenomenon is that technology has created so many ways to make food convenient as well as provide a cure for numerous illnesses. The caveat of this technological advancement is that the body can no longer compensate for being exposed to so many new chemical compounds, thus become fragile.


However, one of the least known ways that people have adopted a natural lifestyle is with makeups. This is probably because most people aren’t particularly concerned about how harsh chemicals from makeup affect their skin. Most of the time, those who get skin irritations from a certain brand just brush it off and shift to another product that would eventually give them the same skin irritations, if not worse. The skin may be sensitive enough at the surface, but it is also permeable because of the pores that line the surface. Some makeup brands that don’t use organic ingredients block the pores and consequently cause problems with the pores.


On the other hand, organic makeup is practically better than conventional ones. Hence, there are just some misconceptions that may be holding back some from using them such as the notion that mineral makeup brands get easily washed off by a small amount of moisture. This isn’t the case at all, as there are even organic makeups that are even better at resisting water than their conventional counterparts.


But not all cosmetics that are tagged as organic is actually made entirely of purely natural ingredients. There are four categories that are determined by the amount of organic ingredients the product has. The label with the least organic ingredient is tagged as “Made with less than 70% organic ingredients”. Cosmetics that are labeled with these should be avoided since there are better options. Ones that are labeled with “Made with more than 70% organic ingredients” are made with organic ingredients that comprise more than 70% of the product but not more than 94%. Cosmetic products that are labeled as “Organic” are made up of 95% natural ingredients, but not 100% The label that indicates a 100% organic ingredient product are rightfully labeled as “100% organic”.


Ideally, customers should aim for the best option, which is 100% organic. It’s important to buy these mineral makeup brands knowing how much of the ingredients are natural to make a better comparison alongside ones that are comprised mainly of harsh chemicals.